One Man’s Meat…

Ah, Evernote… I couldn’t live without it.

Yet there are those for whom the cross-platform, remember-everything app just doesn’t work. Here’s an article by a guy who just can’t get on with it.

I’ve been using Evernote for about four years now, and I admit that in the early months I too struggled to ‘get’ how it was going to help me. For those who don’t know it Evernote is a note taking application. I won’t bore you with details but essentially you can jot down anything, add links, screenshots, photos, create multiple notebooks, share notebooks with others, have all your information backed up to the cloud and access it on pretty much any device.

Having pushed through the ‘I don’t get it’ barrier I now rely on Evernote completely. I don’t have a very organised method, but I am finding that I’m getting more forgetful as I get older and therefore to have everything that’s important to me stored in a single place that I can search easily is extremely useful.

If you haven’t done so already, give Evernote a try.

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