Brilliant New Online Magazine Launches

If you are a FlipBoard user (and if not, why not! ? ) you’ll know that it’s a great app for getting you the news and articles you want in a nice flip-to-turn-the-page design.
A handy new feature they added recently gives users the option of creating their own magazine on topics that matter to them, and then sharing it with the world.

So, without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to since the latest magazine to hit FlipBoard’s shelves:

Chris Neal’s Personal Technology Digest

Every day it will be beefing up the pages with news and stories from around the tech world. No more taking through repetitive tech blogs! Let me do the digging for you do you get straight to the juicy white mat.

Just click the link on your mobile device to add my new magazine to your virtual rack.

Article: Mozilla aims to socialize app shopping with Marketplace for Firefox OS (video) Mobile

Mozilla aims to socialize app shopping with Marketplace for Firefox OS (video) Mobile

Don’t be put off by the clunky title of this article on Engadget: there’s actually a quite interesting story here. Mozilla — the people behind the Firefox web browser — are developing Firefox OS for a new range of low cost smartphones, in part aimed at emerging markets. How the he’ll do you compete and differentiate yourself against the Apple and Android giants?

Well, Mozilla’s answer is to make their app store social, with app developers showing as real people with whom customers can interact, sharing so likes with friends etc. I think it’s an idea that has merit and could just help to make Firefox OS stand out (until the others copy the idea, at least). Take a look at the short video and see what you think.

Can You Survive on 4G Alone?

Can You Survive on 4G Alone?

Here’s an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph about what the imminent launch of 4G mobile networks in the UK will mean for fixed line services. The question they ask (and answer) is: “If your phone or mobile hotspot can deliver faster, more reliable broadband than your home landline service, why not cancel the latter and rely on 4G for all your Internet needs?”

While 4G may be fast and reliable, its current business model (mobile devices) includes caps on the amount of data you can transfer per month, and if you’re a heavy user (online gaming, downloading movies etc.) then on current tariffs it can end up being very expensive.

But the seeds have been sown and it’s only a matter of time before the mobile networks start competing directly with BT, Sky et al for your home business. I predict we will see the first home Wi-Fi router with a SIM card slot instead of a phone line socket within twelve months.

How to customise the Dock on the HTC One Smartphone

One of my clients has the HTC One, and while it’s a fantastic smartphone with lots of great features, it can be a little tricky figuring out how to customise the home screens and application dock. For some reason HTC does this very differently from other Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy range.
Anyway, after a little searching around I came across this short video that shows how you can move icons out of and into the Dock. Easy when you know how!