Smartphone Meets Lego

What’s the main problem with electronic gadgets such as phones and tablets? They are not designed to last more than a couple of years, and when they do go wrong it’s usually just a single component that fails, yet we throw the whole device away because it’s not designed to be repaired or upgraded. Electronic waste is a big problem, and it’s growing.

What’s so cool about Lego? Why does it have such enduring popularity? Because it’s a series of building blocks that you can make anything out of. Bored with that spaceship? pulls some bricks off and add some new ones to turn it into a tank: Bingo! new toy!

Dave Hakkens in the Netherlands has come up with a neat idea that combines the two concepts into a phone you want to keep. It’s made of blocks, with each block doing a specific thing such as camera, storage, GPS etc. If the idea takes off you’d have a working phone made up of block-based components that you can change, replace, or upgrade yourself.

Phonebloks: what a smartphone would be like if Lego designed it.

Very cool idea needing your support to get off the ground. Dave is collecting virtual fans right now in preparation for a campaign in October, so watch the video below and then click here to add your voice to the throng.

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