Check out life on your street with

The other day a new acquaintance made me aware of Streetlife: a new social networking and news network for local neighbourhoods. It’s an easy and engaging idea to grasp. Imagine if you had Facebook, but just for the town or village where you live. You’d still want Facebook of course, but now you’d have a place where you can go to talk about local things, or search for a local business. It’s a little more personal, a little more private, a little more about you and your neighbours.

I jointed Streetlife today as another way of promoting my new business as a Personal Technology Consultant. When you’re trying to spread the word about a new venture the more channels you use the better, and I hope Streetlife will help me connect with people who can use my services in my local area.

Whether you live near me or not, you’re local to where you are, and Streetlife could bring you closer to those close to you.