Apple TV: The Console-Killing Games Console?

In this article today by Chris Smith of TechRadar he suggests that, if only Apple were to open up their Apple TV concept to games developers, it could put larger games consoles like XBox 360 and the Nintendo Wii U out of business. He may have a point.

This little box is already in thousands of homes, and at under £100 it’s not a purchase you have to think too much about if you’re an Apple-ite. Smith talks about the quick ‘n’ easy developer options for iPhone and iPad game developers, and imagines a similar App Store experience on the Apple TV, where you’d buy small and cheap games on a whim. I can see that happening but Apple would need to bring out a new version with more internal storage, or at least a way to connect an external hard disk like Nintendo does with Wii U. The Apple TV’s internal storage is currently only 8Gb and is used to cache streaming media, store rented movies etc., so right now it doesn’t really have anywhere to put a bunch of purchased games.

True, the ‘big’ consoles offer bigger gaming experiences, but little pick-up-and-play games are what mobile device users are spending their money on. Watch this space I guess…

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